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Our New Arrivals Are Here

Owned, managed, and roasted out of Washington, DC.

Now offering free local delivery!

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Dial Up

You can hear it now – the clicking, pinging and buzzing when your only phone line was connected to the world wide web at the blazing fast speed of 56kpbs. We’ve come a long way since then. Reminisce about it while you sip on this classic tasting blend that gives you nutty, smooth notes of dark chocolate and toffee.

Tasting notes: Toffee, dark chocolate and toasted nuts.

Naturally processed 100% Peru

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90's Kids

Playing with the kids in the neighborhood, staying out late till the street lights came on and running through the woods. In the summer it was fruity ice pops. In the winter it was hot cocoa. The days were carefree, and nights were full of dreams. This blend combines your favorite flavors from your childhood – chocolate, tangy fruit with warm sweet finish.

Tasting notes: Syrupy chocolate, tangy dried fruit, dark brown sugar

50% Washed Brazil (The Holy Family Lot), 30% Pulped Natural Brazil (Corrego Da Prata) & 20% washed Honduras (Cabanas RISE)

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

You’d wake up, run downstairs and tune into those legendary 90s ‘toons before your Dad came down, made a pot of coffee and changed the channel to the local news. It’s ok – you head to the kitchen for a bowl of chocolatey cereal. The aroma of steel-can-coffee fills the house, and you’re happy as can be without a care in the world. Fill up with these smooth beans and reminisce about simpler times.

Tasting notes: Milky chocolate with subtle hints of fruit and nuts.

60% Peru (Los Lirios), 20% Washed Ethiopia (Telila Mix), 20% Natural Ethiopia (Worka Chelsea Natural)

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Latte Art
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The Story of Down The Block Coffee

Nostalgia All Around

We love coffee. For us, it's not just a hot drink that wakes you up in the morning. It's an experience. It's a conduit that brings people together. It inspires us, motivates us and brings back memories. 

It's our love for quality, fresh coffee and these memories that inspired us to create this brand. Owned and operated out of Washington, DC - Down The Block Coffee has one simple goal:

To bring fresh, quality and craft roasted small batch beans to your front door, while embracing and bringing back the memories of a time when life was simpler.

Our fun and delicious bean varieties are named after the memories that made us who we are - and we think you'll be able to relate. 

Staying out late with the kids "down the block", playing hide and go seek until it's dark, (and then playing dark and go seek), running through the woods, turning on the TV early Saturday morning to watch the best cartoons. 

We hope that you can taste the quality of the beans and the passion that went into every cup while you take a walk down memory lane.

Top quality freshly roasted beans with a heavy dose of nostalgia included in every bag.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests.

Washington, DC 20003

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